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MLB Notes; Melancon To Giants or Nationals?, Aroldis Chapman Destination, Marlins Pitching, Orioles Additions, Tigers Roster

​Some notes of speculation to talk about; 

-Mark Melancon's final market looks to be a bid between the Nationals and Giants. Melancon very well looks to be in position to land a very sizable commitment from one of the two as both have gaping holes at the closer's position. 

-With that being said, Aroldis Chapman could recieve interest from the Giants if they lose out on Melancon, but how much they are willing to spend to try and get Chapman could be a difference maker, as Chapman has been rumored to be asking for a deal close to $90MM. 

-After adding Edinson Volquez on a two-year deal, the Marlins are still looking for starting pitching. They will most likely add one or two more veteran arms in free agency but could go for a stronger arm through trade. Sonny Gray of the Oakland A's strikes me as somewhat of a sort of curious option, as Miami could send outfielder Marcell Ozuna to the A's and perhaps another player or two from the minors. Oakland is unwilling to sell low on Gray however, and that clearly would be a small price. 

-The Orioles are prioritizing an outfield bat and they have been connected to Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson of the Mets, and Dexter Fowler in free agency. Of the three, Bruce seems like the most realistic option for the Orioles, as the team may not want to add Fowler on a long-term deal and the Mets want to trade Jay Bruce more than they do Granderson. 

-Miguel Cabrera has said that he will accept a trade from the Tigers if the fit is right for both sides, but he still wants to remain in Detroit for the long-term. The Tigers have plenty to do this offseason if they want to make deals to get younger talent on the roster, but the one Tiger who seems to be on his way out so far is J.D. Martinez. Martinez has been talked about by a number of teams in trade talks and the amount of teams looking for outfield help will further help the Tigers in getting a strong return for him. 

Hot Stove Trade Talk: Chris Sale is Going..... Where?

​The MLB offseason is well upon us and as we enter the December winter meetings, where most of the big moves are made, there are plenty of burning questions that will keep the hot stove going strong. Among them, the never ending trade rumors surrounding White Sox ace Chris Sale. 

For months, Sale's name has been all over the place in trade rumors, and sure enough, he continues to be more than ever here in the offseason. The White Sox have all the leverage right now, as Sale is a top of the rotation starter on a very team friendly long-term contract. His dominant track record(74-50, 3.00 ERA, 1,110 IP, 1,244 K, 260 BB, 3.06 FIP) gives him immense trade value. With that said, the White Sox obviously have a very high asking price on him. And sure enough, Sox GM Rick Hahn wants several high end blue chip prospects in return and will ask for nothing less. 

As for trade rumors, so far we've heard of interest from the Red Sox, Braves, and Nationals this offseason and plenty of others that could still come calling. Many have speculated on where Sale could go and what teams could give up for him(including myself who speculated about Sale going to the Dodgers, that didn't work out to well...) but when it comes down to it, we really don't know who will give up, or will want to give up, the prospects Chicago is asking for in return for their ace. 

There's a very real chance too, that we may not see Sale traded at all this offseason, as Chicago controls him for the 2017 season($12MM) plus 2018($12.5MM) and 2019($15MM) via club options that are no brainers to be exercised. 

Another contributing factor that could keep Sale in Chicago is that Hahn and the rest of the front office still aren't sure what to expect this offseason. They are currently torn between rebuild and retool. Trading Sale would be an obvious signal of rebuild, then again they could trade Sale to fill other holes on the roster, but then they would lose their top starter which doesn't bode well for the team if they want to compete next year. 

It all comes down to the decision of the front office. Do they want to hang on to Chris Sale and try to compete again next year, or do they want to start rebuilding and deal Sale? Regardless, they have the time to wait on trading Sale, unlike other players that are trade candidates that could soon wind up in free agency(Todd Frazier) or guys who they need to capitalize on current higher value(Jose Abreu). 

Pirates To Trade Andrew McCutchen To Nationals; Deal Is Close

​Trade talks between the Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates are accelerating and a deal to send star outfielder Andrew McCutchen to Washington is starting to become increasingly likely. 

The two teams almost completed a deal at the trade deadline last season but ran out of time due to the fact that the teams weren't able to agree on prospects. Nats prospect outfielder Victor Robles could be going to Washington in the potential trade. 

It's not official, but the two teams are without a doubt getting far enough in talks that a McCutchen deal is starting to look likely. 

Expect plenty of moving parts and a deal could be done today, as the Nats want to wrap up talks today.